Glorybound Tattoo


Another year went by at Glorybound Tattoo, a year filled with hard work but also good times and laughter.
The shop got a serious make-over and our team runs like clockwork…and i took a little step to a next level, a level where i can rely a bit more on my intuition. Don' t get me wrong : technique is vital, and i have to master many more levels, but it feels good to be able to give in and let go, focused and calm.

Getting tattooed by other artists, who have been craftsmen for many, many years, has taught me as well : they are humble, hard workers and they share their knowledge.

Many clients came back, and new ones walked in the door, they gave me the opportunity to work on big pieces, stuff that makes you feel like a child, all excited and impatient "because tomorrow you'll start on that piece !".

Next year i'll work my first convention and i'm slowly thinking about guestspots…
but first up : finally getting my own 4EYES instagram running would be a good start for 2017 : )

Thank you for the trust, Glorybound crew and clients.

Happy Holidays !