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Fresh drawings for I-topia, eco-friendly musicrelated clothing. Started off with a reggae
and a jazz design, available in different colors and sizes, T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters, all limited. 

You can check them out at Tune Up record store in Antwerp where they are on sale. Also there's a little expo, with work by Missing Link, Griet Vingerhoets and myself, until the end of august.
Thanks Roel for starting up this fine project !


"I-Topia was founded to promote music and arts, all based on an ecological point of view. All textiles are eco-friendly and the printshop was chosen for its ecological way of printing.
Every drawing will be printed in a limited quantity to avoid overstock and also to give every item a sense of exclusivity.
I-Topia is an addition to the Roots & Culture organization that promotes reggae in Belgium.
Reggae will always be an important subject for the drawings but different styles will be covered.
Our next pieces will promote Jazz, Soul & Reggae, all on a limited basis!
So get yours while the stock lasts!"

To connect and place an order This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Instagram: I_topia
Webshop: www.I-Topia.be (coming soon)