Hellfest 2015

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Just got back from a great sunny weekend in France : invited to Hellfest, the biggest and loudest all-round Rock festival in Europe.

I had the pleasure to design the welcome gate and some elements of the mainstage, together with my buddy Greg from Gringosdesign.

Despite the fact that there were small restrictions, as the idea and guidelines were handed out by the organisation, we had a lot of fun making the design our own…needless to say tattoos, all shapes and sizes, are very prominent at this festival.

Throwback time ! Most of the bands we watched started out when i was a teenager :
Terror, Bodycount (talk shit, get…shot !), Faith No More, Slash (the band played many Guns'n Roses tunes), ZZ Top (suave as ever), Obituary and also Belgian band Triggerfinger rockin' out loud…
Good times !

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the setting. Big thanks to Phixion and Hellfest !