Strange fruit

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Always enjoy depicting my favourite jazz musicians, mostly in black and white but now i've added color, not only red ; )
Fun to play with the thickness of the paint and the texture of the canvas, making the colors pop.
Here's a little preview…click on images.

I also painted a mural in the library...arrived 'round noon with a little doodle, started improvising, Hard Bop on the MP3, and left in high spirits in the evening.

The expo is part of the Leuven Jazz festival (18/22 march). Check out the line-up, GOOD music.


Strange fruit, from the 17th of march
until the 4th of april, 2 locations :

De Bib
Rijschoolstraat 4
3000 Leuven

Vaartkom 4
3000 Leuven