Graphicology (SRB)

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Back on the road with Brussels Jazz Orchestra ! This time 'Graphicology' took us to Serbia where
the big band performed at the Nisville Jazz festival in Nis and at the Kolarac Concert Hall in Belgrade. Both venues breath history.

The Nisville Jazz Festival takes place between the walls of an ancient fortress in Nis. 
Nine stages with a variety of jazz and etno styles. I saw an intense traditional Bulgarian band of gajda players :
men, women and children playing pipes and a shamanistic lead singer who managed to get the audience in a trance : just to give you an idea of
the range of styles at this festival.

The BJO blew the crowd away as well :
they responded with fierce enthusiasm to our mix of jazz and comics. Won't lie to you : i felt very proud at that moment to be part of this fine project.
Thanks Branislav, Sladja, Bobby and many others at the Nisville Jazz Festival !

The second gig took us to the Kolarac Concert Hall, a beautiful art deco building in the historical centre of Belgrade. Awesome to watch / listen to Graphicology in such a venue : the vintage decor fits right in with the atmosphere of the stories.

Again the band played like a motherfucker, pardon my French.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea.
More international Graphicology dates coming up, keep you posted.